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We at 1 Year Loans Today are here to obtain customer-specific loan deals. Whenever you feel like to get payday loans, you just have to apply with us and get over the crisis. Our deals like 12 month loans for bad credit have been exclusively tailored with your specific requirements in mind. All the deals that we at 1 Year Loans Today provide reach you with highly flexible repayment options. We constantly strive to come up with tailored loan deals. Thus paying back the loan amount will not be burdensome at all.

Our lenders consider your past credit record immaterial to offer a loan at present. They also do not need any collateral from any of the potential borrowers.

Even if you are a good credit holder or a bad credit holder, you are sure to get instant monetary support through us. We are least bothered about the reason for your bad credit history. Whatever it may be, we do not bother at all.

You can make use of the borrowed amount to meet that particular need that demands your prior attention. We do not place any harsh restrictions on how you should spend the loan amount. We consider the loan amount as all yours and it is up to you to decide on how to spend the loan amount. Our loan deals are so streamlined to meet your specific requirements that you simply cannot ask for a better one. To apply with us you just have to be a resident of the United States of America with a regular monthly income. You must be minimum eighteen years of age and must hold a valid bank account. If you meet these conditions, prompt aid is just a few clicks away. Devoid of complex legal tangles and other formalities, getting quick money simply cannot get easier than this.

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